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“Strange Things Will Happen”


Strange Things Will Happen - The Radio Dept - Stargroves Cover


Hear the Radio Dept. track "Strange Things Will Happen" like you've never heard it before in a performance cover by NYC indie pop band Stargroves. Frontman Teddy Watson and his bandmates and friends put a creative twist on the song with an array of instruments that highlight their unique interpretation of the tune.

Indie rock fans may be familiar with the Radio Dept. record, which first appeared on their 2003 album Lesser Matters before resurfacing on this year's The Fault in Our Stars soundtrack. In their rendition of the song, Stargroves utilize banjo, accordion, violin, upright bass and various types of keyboards, including a toy piano that manages to sound right at home in the mix of eclectic sounds.

Great covers typically take quality songs and build them up with new arrangements and unexpected musical elements, and that's exactly what Stargroves do on this song. The result is an exuberant performance that lands somewhere between folky jam session and music box lullaby. The video was edited by Watson, while the audio was mixed by Jeremy Sklarsky (Freelance Whales), who also engineered Stargroves' self-titled record.

Stargroves' inventive arrangement of "Strange Things Will Happen" should come as no surprise to listeners who have heard the group's debut album, which blends strong indie pop melodies with orchestral flourishes, lively instrumental sections, and thoughtful lyrics, as well as two duets with Little Miss Sunshine Oscar Nominee actress-singer Abigail Breslin. Perez Hilton called the track "Westfjords" "impressive," while MTV gave props to the tune "Within Me a Lunatic Sings."

Find out for yourself why critics and fans are on the Stargroves bandwagon. Watch and download the group's cover of "Strange Things Will Happen" now!

The road to success is especially tough for indie bands.
Stargroves, a New York City-based indie-pop band has defied those odds.
The group originated with lifelong musician and New York University Computer Science student Teddy Watson.
As founder and lead singer, Teddy recruited the current band members, bringing their eclectic mix of talents
together to create the band's unique sound. Teddy writes the band's songs, drawing inspiration from musicians
like Sigur Rós and Stars and has been favorable reviewed by Perez Hilton, MTV Buzzworthy
as well as received awards from festivals and The Young Turks.



"Today was a pretty day
No disappointments
No expectations on your whereabouts
And oh, did I let you go?
Did it finally show that strange things will happen if you let them?

Today I didn't even try to hide
I'll stay here and never push things to the side
You can't reach me cause I'm way beyond you today

Today was a pretty day
Autumn comes with
These slight surprises where your life might twist and turn
Hope to unlearn
Strange things will happen
If you let them come around and stick around

Today I didn't even try to hide
I'll stay here and never push things to the side
Today I didn't even look to find
Something to put me in that peace of mind
You can't touch me cause I'm way beyond you today"

Teddy Watson (vocals, guitar, banjo), Enrico De Trizio (keyboard, synthesizer), Bryan Percival (bass), Charlie Rauh (electric guitar), Oscar Haggdahl (drums), Jesse Stacken (toy piano), Concetta Abbate (violin, viola, mandolin), George Lykogiannis (harmonium), and Sarah Goldstone (melodica).


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